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How to Block Rooms for Wedding Guests with Different Budgets

Whether you are having a destination wedding or having guests from out of town attending your special day, selecting lodging for your guests is a big and important decision. The goal is to identify comfortable, affordable, and accessible hotels that all of your guests can afford. Unfortunately, many brides make the mistake of offering a single hotel option, often resulting in many friends and family feeling priced-out of the event and declining the invite, or going on their own to pick lodging, which can prove expensive and impact the group activities that take place pre and post wedding. Here are a few tips to help you select and reserve the best hotels for your group.



Rates for all wedding budgets

Pick Three Tiers

Select three hotels at different price points to make it easy for all to find one that matches their budget. Of course, if you are hosting your wedding at a hotel or resort, then make the location one of your three options.


Reserve a Block in Advance

To get the best possible hotel group prices, particularly if your wedding is taking place during high season, make sure your room block is set aside in advance. Note that as your guests begin to
make their reservations, you may have to shift room allocations from the higher or lower tier property, depending on your guest’s lodging preferences.


Negotiate Perks to Maximize Savings

For larger groups, your travel specialists at Groople may be able to get you additional value by incorporating perks into the hotel group price. Awesome wedding-group hotel perks range from free breakfast to welcome cocktail, complimentary rooms, and even a wedding-themed turndown amenity.


If you are in the planning stages of your wedding, then give us a call to help you locate the best lodging options for your guests.

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