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How to Experience the Best Small City in the U.S

A day in Charleston, South Carolina Named the “Best Small City in the U.S.” by Condé Nast Traveler readers, Charleston is charm regardless of it’s size!  It topped Travel + Leisure’s world list for the first time in 2016. With awards such as this, there can be no bad time to visit, but we still Read More

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Adventure Travel with your Fitness Group

Get Fit and Book your next adventure with Groople   At Groople, we understand that adventure travel is about more than a workout or a thrill seek; it’s about checking off your bucket list, experiencing new cultures, and connecting while participating in a common interest. And how better to do so, than with your everyday Read More

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Unexpected Day Tours from Popular Travel Destinations

So you’ve got a group assembled and a destination in mind, now let’s get ready to look a little further. Some of the most popular group travel destinations are also the best jumping-off points for day tours. Nearby cities and only slightly out-of-the-way group venues are awaiting, and we’ve assembled a few recommendations to get Read More

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The Perks of Traveling Together

A look into Group Travel vs Personal Travel There are some things in life that are just more fun to do together. At Groople, we believe traveling together is more enjoyable than experiencing the world solo. We know that when you go on that self-guided walking tour all alone, we’re going to see about a Read More

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How to Navigate Group Travel

Traveling as part of a group means many of the details, and certainly the big things, are already taken care of for you. From meal reservations to prepayments, when you’re part of a larger group the perks can equate to less stress, fewer onsite decisions, and more time vacationing. It doesn’t however give you carte Read More

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