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Group Hotel Bookings – San Antonio TX


Picking a Riverwalk Hotel That Works  – Your group could list many reasons why they decided upon a specific hotel, but one of the very first considerations is almost always location. Long before evaluating the quality of the linens, the search is narrowed based on destination. Afterall, what your group is really looking for is not a hotel – but rather an experience you can all share together!
And if your group is shopping for that perfect hotel in San Antonio, the list of desired amenities and even the price point often wavers in favor of the coveted River Walk location. One stroll down the cobblestone and you’ll agree, it is the place to be. Staying anywhere in the downtown area, your group is likely to gravitate to the dining and activities on the River Walk at some point during their trip, so for most groups the most practical option is to book where they are able to walk out the hotel directly into the River Walk atmosphere.



Why the River Walk?


The San Antonio River Walk is actually a public park which is open year round and lined with eateries, hotels, attractions, and more. The ability to embark to activities on foot replaces the need for group transportation. By choosing a River Walk hotel, the group is easily able to wind their way to shopping, dining, nightlife and cultural experiences in San Antonio. offer the best rates for any Group Hotel Bookings




Shop By Map View


San Antonio is one of those cities that can best be hotel shopped in a map view. Every Downtown San Antonio hotel is going to highlight photos and descriptions of the River Walk’s allure, so turning to google and the hotel online marketing speak can be a bit overwhelming. Yes, this is at least one occasion that you’ll really want to have your map handy before reserving a room block.


Group meeting space riverside


The San Antonio Convention Center is situated along the banks of the River Walk and is therefore conveniently located to hotels in the downtown area. When coordinating small meetings in San Antonio, the hotel’s meeting space may be just as sufficient as an offsite convention center setting; and you probably won’t need to distribute maps to the group to help them find their way to the meeting room.


At the time of reserving a room block with your San Antonio River Walk hotel, ask if a meeting room can be included complimentary or at a discount. While you are at it… ask if you can reserve one of the meeting rooms with a view of the River Walk, too. And, remember there is no need to cater lunch when the group can walk out among the River Walk restaurants for their choice of delicious dining.


Perks vs Discounts


When someone asks what is the best deal, what they usually want to know is are perks and extras from hotels better than discounts? Both can be very attractive and either one can push a hotel up or down on the list of chosen properties.


For a group that is extremely price drive, the bottom dollar rate is probably going to receive the business even though a higher-priced hotel included a perk, such as a free breakfast or complimentary internet access.


However, keep in mind what is truly valued by the group before passing up on the perks in favor of a cheaper price. The perk of complimentary meeting space could very well be a huge savings! The convenience of gathering as a group to eat breakfast at the hotel each morning could guarantee a smooth start to the day. If the perks are attractive, but your group still needs a lower rate, see if some of the perks can become discounts, which guests can take part in optionally and therefore take control of some of their travel spend.


When the location is your #1 goal, you may need to make other sacrifices – like passing up on some excellent perks and discounts – to get the location that best fits the group.


Grow your shopping radius


So you know your group’s needs and the prime River Walk location has topped the wish list. Try looking at the nearest hotels and fan out from there until the amenities, availability and price all align with your plan. You may find that even a block can make a world of difference in your group hotel discount. If you keep only to the exact location, you may miss out on a real gem across the street.

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