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Planning Lodging For Your Wedding Guests


Smart Ways to Save Money & Keep Your Sanity

We can find you the best group hotel rates for weddings. You already have your hands full with everything from bouquets to banquet menus, and now you need to find hotel rooms for your wedding party and out-of-town guests!?  So, how soon do you negotiate and book rooms? Do you go with the best price, the hotel closest to the reception, or should it be the 5-star hotel for the wedding party accommodations? And the more you think about it, you are starting to wonder if it is a good idea to host your grandparents in the same hotel as your college buddies.


You thought planning the honeymoon was hard, but at least that getaway is just a trip for two. Once you move to 10 or more rooms, you will need to put on your negotiator hat and review that hotel contract closely; and you can also try some or all of the following tips to help keep your sanity as you planning lodging for your wedding guests.


Turn To An Expert

Option number one on the sanity saving list is also the surest way to know that all of the details are handled. This ‘expert’ advice may come as a result of consulting with your wedding planner, or consider turning to a travel agent who is an expert at contracting group hotel rates for weddings.


Seek Advice

In the absence of an expert, there are still plenty of resources to help you find hotel discounts for bridal parties. In fact, the venue you have selected for your wedding and reception is a good place to start. No doubt they have heard other couples share hotel recommendations, and the wedding venue may have preferred hotel partners that will offer you a discount because of where you’ve booked your wedding. Be sure to ask about hotels with a complimentary shuttle between the hotel and reception location – your guests will thank you!


Reserve & Return Rooms Early

By planning ahead, you don’t always guarantee your guests the cheapest hotel room rate, but you do guarantee them a hotel room – which is afterall, the most important reason someone looks for group hotel rates for weddings. Savings and an overall cheap price fall secondary to securing the availability of the hotel rooms.


As long as a hotel is not sold out, it will often offer its cheapest rates at the last minute. Be prepared for this scenario and realize that it may frustrate some of your guests when they see the big name travel sites advertising a cheaper rate the closer it gets to your wedding date. Remind them that it is better to guarantee their room early than to risk missing out on all the fun and excitement that results from staying at the same hotel as all the other wedding guests.


Reserving hotel rooms at least six months in advance allows you plenty of time to revise your room block needs, too. Most hotels are fine with you returning your unsold rooms somewhere between 30 and 60 days prior to arrival date. If you continue to keep your rooms on hold too close to arrival, you can get hit with penalties such as paying for rooms that your group did not use.


Consider Multiple Hotels

Splitting guests between multiple hotels can mean more work, but depending on the number of out-of-town guests, this may be necessary. One of the main reasons that couples choose to contract room blocks at multiple hotels, is so their guests can select a hotel that best fits their budget. Your guests also may have drastically different taste in hotels; but most often it is a price-driven decision. If you plan to offer multiple hotel recommendations, try to vary the price options and whenever possible, select hotels near one another to keep everyone feeling included.


Spread The Word

Many couples include hotel information for their out-of-town guests within the ‘Save The Date’ announcement. This would include details on how to book, as well as what price they can expect to pay. Anticipate questions about transportation, and this is also a great time to share an itinerary if you are planning events and festivities leading up to the walk down the aisle.


Aim For The VIP Treatment

Now that you’ve planned ahead by booking the hotel early, and you’ve spread the word to all of your out-of-town guests, it is time to see to those wedding party accommodations. The people closest to you on your big day deserve the royal treatment, but that doesn’t have to come with a higher price tag. You can leverage the volume of your overall room block to secure hotel discounts for the bridal party.
Hotels often provide complimentary rooms or upgrades at no additional cost based on how well the group room block sells, or it may be a result of reserving event space for the wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. Don’t be shy about asking for VIP welcome amenities in the rooms, spa discounts for your bridesmaids, parking passes, breakfast included, and so on. Every detail adds up to make for a wonderful experience and a memorable wedding day.


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