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Stress-Free Ways to Share and Split Group Travel Expenses


Customized Group Travel

The money aspects of group travel can sometimes be complicated and stressful. But the savings achieved along with the joy of sharing a life experience make it totally worth it. If you are planning a family reunion, holiday trip, or mission trip with your church, and if sharing expenses is a non-negotiable, there are plenty of ways to reduce the stress associated with shared expenses. As you explore the tools available to you and your group to achieve a fair distribution of money spent, always keep in mind that traveling with a group often results in great savings, and it might be worth the extra steps of splitting the bill.


Make It Clear Before the Trip


Communication is essential when it comes to ensuring group travel does not result in conflict that might impact our most precious relationships. Send an email clearly indicating who is responsible for what, and specific deadlines to make the funds available to the person in charge of the trip finances.


Be Fair and Equitable


Review the distribution of expenses to make sure that everyone pays their fair share. Burdening someone with additional expenses can pollute the social dynamics of the whole trip. Avoid it at all costs.


Use the Right Tools


There are many apps and online software that will allow you to make accurate calculations of expense distribution for group travel. One of our favorites is In addition to an online page, they have handy apps that you can use from your phone, allowing you to distribute travel expenses equally or equitably, depending on the terms you agree to with your party.


Seek Out Value-Ad Deals


If you are in charge of coordinating the trip, then let us help you book a hotel for your group and negotiate free perks to make the trip easier on everyone’s pocket. At Groople we have the right connections to get you the best possible group-hotel deal around the globe. Just ask.


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