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Making Galveston Texas Affordable: Tips for Large Groups


Galveston, Texas is a preferred destination for savvy travelers wishing to enjoy the beach without high travel expenses or a long plane ride. If your family reunion, youth group, or senior center is planning on hitting the beach at Galveston, we have a few money-saving tips to share with you.


Consider Using the Trolley

During high season, parking can be problematic, particularly if your group is using buses or large vans. The trolley is an affordable option, with many great stops at the most popular attractions. If your group is out for drinks, the trolley eliminates the need for designated drivers and the inconvenience of having to pay for parking.


Last-Minute Boat Deal

Many chartered day trips can be secured at a lower cost by waiting for last-minute deals. If your group has 20 travelers or less and you are flexible with your recreational plans, consider this option.


Pre-Cruise Discounts

If your group is in Galveston as the starting point for a cruise, take advantage of the many discounts offered by shops and restaurants upon presenting evidence of your point of embarkation.


Book Your Group Accommodations as a Group

You have better leverage and purchasing power if your group books a block of rooms together. Instead of just telling everyone in your group the name of your hotel of choice, let us help you get the best possible hotel price for your group. We can take care of the details and make sure we get you a fantastic Galveston, Texas group deal


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