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Tips for Group Travel Leaders

Tips for success with large groups



Sometimes, group travel can get complicated. Pleasing everyone while sticking to a single plan requires good planning, diplomacy, and much kindness. If your group is comprised of children or young adults, then the social dynamics of the group and emotional needs of individuals become even more complicated. If this is your first trip as a planner, leader, or chaperone, then we want to give you a few tips to make things easier on you, and to make certain the experience is positive for all participants.


Have a Pre-Trip Icebreaker

Icebreakers are a great way to get groups to relax and get to know each other better. Explore games that expose commonalities among group members. In selecting the icebreaking activity, be cognizant that some of these games and dynamics may not be comfortable for individuals who are on the shy side of the spectrum.


Don’t Let Cliques Form

This is particularly important with youth groups. Encourage inclusiveness to protect the feelings of all your group participants. This can be achieved by creating a variety of rotations for sitting at the table or riding on the bus.


Frequent Restroom and Snack Breaks

Low blood sugar makes for grumpy people at any age. Make it a point to include frequent breaks, to avoid placing group members in embarrassing situations where they need to ask, thereby causing delays for other group activities.


Craft a Smart Rooming List

Take your time and consider personalities when creating the rooming list. Be considerate of the feelings and age differences of your group members when deciding how rooms will be shared.


Keep a Small Comfort and First-Aid Kit

Be ready to handle small emergencies by having basic necessities handy. Sewing kits, small scissors, OTC medicines, and feminine products often prove to be lifesavers.


Pick Your Hotel with Group Needs in Mind

Consider the room configuration, hotel amenities, and hotel location when selecting the lodging for your group. Balance comfort and value to make sure everyone has a wonderful experience.

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