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5 Kid-Friendly Activities to Check Out in Los Angeles

So you’ve traveled all the way to the hippest location in the U.S. of A. Surely rock-and-roll, Hollywood glam, and partying all night are in your immediate future. Unfortunately, you’re not feeling so cool. In fact, you’re feeling pretty exhausted. Sound familiar? Then you might be tackling the fabulous city of Los Angeles with kids.


While tots can certainly be a handful, we must confess, they’re also pretty incredible. Their spirit of inquiry and wonderment at the world make them ideal travel companions. As adults, sometimes our attitudes sour and we begin to think things like, “If you’ve seen one museum, you’ve seen ‘em all!” or “Do we really need to stop and smell the roses?” Shame on us. Luckily, your kids are great motivators, willing to give you the kick in the pants you may need to get out there and explore.


Below, you’ll find 5 kid-friendly activities to check out in Los Angeles. Introduce your young’uns to this fascinating dot on the map and they will surely thank you. There’s a lot to get done before bedtime, guys! Let’s get started…




Northridge Skateland opened it’s doors back in 1958 and remains operational to this day as one of the city’s only surviving skating rinks. It has outlasted many rival rinks and for good reason. Even though Skateland has been around the block a time or two, it doesn’t have the air of a has-been. In fact, it remains glistening-ly clean and well looked after, and employs a DJ to keep the tunes in rotation at the top of the pops. You and your kids can also check out the laser maze and roll through a few quarters in the arcade.


The Getty Center


While the kid-specific sections of the Getty Center are nothing to write home about, the galleries offer a great opportunity for kids and parents alike to take in some famous art. If your kiddos need a little help appreciating the paintings on display, guide them to a few which are clearly depicting a scene and ask them to tell you a story about what they see going on. Kids love the opportunity to play the “expert” and this exercise in imagination will elevate the experience for you as well. Perhaps you didn’t notice the cat wandering in the top left corner of one painting or that the little boy looked sad in another. Not wanting to stray from L.A.’s sunny skies for too long? Never fear! Pop outside to The Central Garden. Here you get to explore tree-lined walkways and an ever-evolving outdoor art installation.




Los Angeles Zoo


While the zoo is often crowded with local families and school children, weekdays after school hours (think: late afternoon – early evening) are much less popular times. The crowds start to dissipate and you’ll still have plenty of time to see attractions. If you find yourself limited to a busy, sunny weekend, consider developing a plan. Ask each child to pick out a few favorite animals and map out a route before you go. Then, spend a longer time than you normally would at each exhibit. Since most visitors are in a rush to see everything, you’ll find a few pockets of calm as the exhibit population waxes and wanes. Bonus: your kids will get to spend some quality time with the critters they like best!


Griffith Park


Griffith Park is synonymous with childhood in L.A. The trains, merry-go-round, and ponies are perfect for the young and young at heart. Griffith Park is lasting, classic, and good-ol’ fashioned fun. Make sure to stop by the Travel Town Museum if you have a transportation enthusiast on your hands or Autry National Center for those budding history buffs. The rest of the day? Just play outside! It may seem simple or even risky to not have a plan but your kids will love the sense of adventure and the possibility inherent in a day that stretches out until sunset with no full-to-bursting schedules.


Chinatown Summer Nights


If your Los Angeles visit is scheduled for the upcoming summer months, you’ll want to fit in a Chinatown Summer Night. Think: family-friendly street party complete with food trucks, bands, dancing, and DJs. Introduce your offspring to the sights and sounds of Chinatown along with an array of live music and culinary taste sensations. There are rows of stalls selling all sorts of wares for you to wander through as well as cooking exhibits and a dance floor. In 2016, these memorable evenings will take place on the third saturday of the month (June 18th, July 16th, and August 20th).


Los Angeles offers sightseeing options for all ages. If you are headed to L.A. this summer, keep these items in mind and you’ll have plenty of kid-friendly activities that the whole family will enjoy. Going with a group and need some assistance finding rooms? Give Groople a shout and let us help you get started organizing your trip.

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