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Making Plans for your Spring Break Group Travel?

6 ideas to get your travel planning planning started!


Summer isn’t what it used to be; or at least it isn’t as long as it used to be. By the time you account for football practice, the church mission trip, dance camp, swim lessons and that week at the grandparents, you start to realize you don’t even have an entire week for a family vacation. Don’t wait to see if you have time this summer, carpe diem… or carpe Spring Break, rather. The week respite in the spring can be considered just as high season as summer for many family-centric destinations and activities but before you give up and decide to check your summer schedule, we’ve put together a few inspiring Spring Break options that may just kick off your planning.


Spring Break Group Tour


Circle Tour Road Trip


The journey is the destination with this idea. Don’t burn time in the car and find yourself needing a vacation from your vacation by the time you make the drive endeavor, but rather book your bus tour today. The travel experts at Groople can help curate a trip with frequent stops and overnights so that you enjoy your own personal tour with chauffeur.


Staycation, but for real…


Staycation to some people means you don’t go anywhere other than day trips in your own backyard attractions, but to truly take advantage of this Spring Break option you should pack a bag, order room service at least once and plan some of your days while leaving others open to enjoy your hotel away from home. You can get away in your own backyard while actually getting away… we recommend a hotel or resort that offers amenities like a water park, spa and multiple onsite dining options. A quick search could reveal you don’t need to drive as far as you think to enjoy the perks of getting away.


Spring Break Church Mission Trip


Often reserved for the summer, the church mission trip held at Spring Break can be a blessing to parents who cannot get the week off work as well as the youth with busy summer schedules that don’t allow for participation in June and July. But the ultimate blessing can come to those your church serves during Spring Break. Volunteers are more readily available during the summer months so your helping hands in March will be as welcome as the spring flowers. Try a half week mini mission trip if it’s your first year for such an activity, or if you’ve already committed to a summer project.

Religious Group Hotels


Extend the invite


Spring Break flies by and for some families it can be quite the coin toss to see how time is divided amongst loved ones and friends. This year, consider planning a trip with enough room for grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends… the more the merrier and you will have optimized your travel and visit checklist. You could even combine this with the circle tour idea.


Get Fit this Spring Break


By now, you’ve broken your New Years fitness and diet resolutions and summer is around the corner, but it’s not too late! Get your friends together and book a boot camp, yoga retreat or health and wellness week full of relaxation and spa between your workouts.


Conquer A New Skill


You’ve always wanted to master your grandma’s gumbo. Where better than cooking lessons in New Orleans? Maybe learning to surf is on your bucket list? A week is all you need to get your surf legs under you.


If these ideas have stirred your wanderlust and inspired you to coordinate travel, the team at groople is here to help.




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