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The Perks of Traveling Together

A look into Group Travel vs Personal Travel

There are some things in life that are just more fun to do together. At Groople, we believe traveling together is more enjoyable than experiencing the world solo. We know that when you go on that self-guided walking tour all alone, we’re going to see about a dozen Instagram selfies, so you might as well unplug from your virtual social circles and plug yourself in to the social experience that is group travel.





Relationship Building

The most notable perk of traveling as a group is that you surround yourself with relationships. Maybe these are new relationship, or you’re traveling with long-term friends, family, classmates or co-workers. We don’t know who is sitting next to you on the bus, or across from you at the cooking lesson or staying two doors down from you in your group hotel room block, but we do know that getting to know this person better and taking in the travel experiences together makes for a more interesting photo than that selfie you would have otherwise posted.


The VIP Treatment

There is this common misconception that being part of a pack is a hassle, that you will be constantly waiting in line and looking for missing group members. In fact, groups are typically the ones seated first, checked-in privately or in advance, ushered under the red rope, and more. Wouldn’t you like to travel like that?


Local Expertise

Traveling as part of a group means you and your travel provider have partnered with local tour guides versus pounding the pavement on your own. There is a level of cultural immersion and local insights that are only attained when you rely on the expertise of the pros. Your hotel concierge can offer suggestions, but your local tour guide knows the owner of that winery. You’re in expert hands when you travel together.


Don’t Sweat the Details

The details are taken care of when you’re part of group. Your table is ready, your driver knows where to go, and your timetables have been thought through so you don’t need to worry about whether or not you have time to visit both of those museums today. Sit back and enjoy traveling as part of a group. Strike up a conversation with that person next to you, and feel free to brag a bit when your group goes backstage to meet the cast. Develop your own local expertise, and remember to recommend that tour to others.

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