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How to Navigate Group Travel

Traveling as part of a group means many of the details, and certainly the big things, are already taken care of for you. From meal reservations to prepayments, when you’re part of a larger group the perks can equate to less stress, fewer onsite decisions, and more time vacationing. It doesn’t however give you carte blanche to be “that” group traveler, nor would you want to be, but if you’ve never traveled as one among the masses you may not know what it means to be that frowned upon group traveler. I’m referring to that group member who’s not listening when the tour director is talking, the person who forgets to pack the one thing asked and who holds up the bus at every opportunity. “That” traveler who acts as though they are still traveling solo and hasn’t embraced what it is to group travel.




Mind the Gap: I’m not just referring to that space between the train and the platform. Rather, keep an eye on your tour group and director. Don’t rush ahead and don’t lag behind. Participate mindfully and engaged or skip the days’ activities in lieu of doing your own thing.


Be Prepared: It’s for more than just the Boy Scouts. Yes, there is someone to lead you step by step through your day but that’s no excuse not to remember your water shoes for the river excursion or your signed permission form. Another part of being prepared, is being on time. Wear a watch on a group vacation. This isn’t set your own pace travel, but rather you’re one part of a bus load and need to be aware of timetables.


Give Advance Notice: Surprises can be fun, but memorable takes planning. Alert your tour director to allergies and special diet needs, anniversaries and other celebrations, physical limitations, as well as any itinerary changes such as Grandma decided to go shopping instead of museum hopping…. otherwise, you’re the one holding up the bus.


Don’t Assume, Ask: You’re not on your own, remember? You have a network of co-travelers and a tour leader standing by to tell you more, lend advice and guide you to the best possible travel experience!


Get to Know Your Fellow Travelers: Another huge benefit of group travel is the opportunity to make lasting friendships with like interest individuals. You all booked the same group trip, so you already have something in common!


Groople has created a friendly checklist that you can download and get great tips on things to ask to make your group trip a success.


Checklist Request

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