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10 Signs You Need Help Booking Your Group Trip

Booking a vacation is fun! In fact, the research and anticipation phase can even be more fun than the trip itself sometimes. So, it must be fun multiplied the volume of extra passengers to be planning and booking travel for a group, right?


If you’ve started in on the process only to realize you’re now considering throwing in the towel, you’re not alone. You may have reached the point of needing assistance, but how do you know for sure?


10 reasons to ask for group planning help!

  1. Your fellow group members are asking for more frequent updates or even recommending people they know who might help…. notice they haven’t actually volunteered themselves.


  1. You received a few quotes, proposals and even contracts and are now turning to google translate for help with the travel industry lingo. I mean, you’re pretty sure the contract is in English.


  1. It’s less than two months to travel!


  1. You haven’t even narrowed down to a destination, never mind an actual hotel. You just know there needs to be a pool onsite and golf course nearby. Help!!


  1. You’re so sure you’ve got it together, but you’re not confident you know what to charge everyone. And what if they change their mind? Don’t you have a semi-English contract to sign? What risk are you agreeing to on behalf of your group?


  1. You’re traveling abroad. Now those contracts really do need translation.


  1. The group itinerary is getting intense. You could really use a tour guide.


  1. Planning travel used to be fun…


  1. You’ve lost your patience with at least one of your fellow travelers… remember you will be traveling with this crew.


  1. And finally… you may be ready to call a group travel expert if you’re reading this blog and adding a few reasons all your own to our list.





We’d love to hear your reason for calling on our group travel pros, but ultimately we just want to help plan your next amazing group travel experience! Contact our team at Groople today!

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