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  • The hotels for both of our college tours were great! The locations were perfect and breakfast was prompt and delicious. Both staffs were very accommodating.


    My experience with Groople is something I will relay to anyone who is planning for a large group. I only had to provide detials, and then a list of options were emailed directly to me. I will 100% be using Groople in the future, they took care of everything!

  • Ontario Presbyterian Chorus - Groople

    Firstly, let me say that dealing with Groople was a very pleasant and beneficial experience. Your very prompt manner dealing with our needs and queries was very much appreciated and the quality of the accommodations you found within our ‘laid down’ budget was excellent to say the least and, if we do another trip in 3 years time, as has been our practice over the last 24 years, we will certainly be in touch with you.

    Let me say that for the first time on any trip I have had the responsibility of arranging, I did not have 1 single complaint at any of the hotels  covering 53 people over 11 nights in 6 different locations, was just amazing!

    I am very grateful for the excellent service you provided. Please accept my sincere thanks on behalf of the membership of the Ontario Presbyterian Chorus.Ontario Choir at Peggy's Cove - Groople

  • As the Student Assistant in our Human Rights Department, I was tasked with planning a trip through 8 states to study Native American rights.  Everything was going smoothly and our itinerary was set, but then I had to book the hotels.  I initially tried making the contacts myself, but booking for 14 people at a different location (some extremely rural) each night proved difficult.  One of our other university offices recommended Groople, and John Butler came to the rescue!  Not only did John quickly comprise a list of hotels at each location, he gave us his recommendations, and ensured complimentary breakfast and free Wi-Fi at each stop.  He was always extremely accessible and patient with any adjustments we made, beforehand and while on the road.  We had a great experience at each hotel: the typically dreaded group check-in was a breeze, hotel staffs were kind and accommodating, and meals were delicious.  Knowing that John was just an email away if we were ever running late (or early) was extremely reassuring, and he was genuinely interested in our group’s well being.  We are grateful for this spectacular first experience and will definitely use Groople again for future trips!

  • Working with Mr. Butler and the Groople team was a great overall experience. We were placed in a wonderful hotel in NYC at a very low negotiated rate, especially for NYC. Groople was responsive and provided excellent support with a very complicated program with a lot of moving parts. A big thanks to Groople!

  • Groople’s assistance in getting a hotel in NYC for my orchestra was outstanding. They paid close attention to our needs (safe location, specific price range, need for two double beds in each room, etc.) and worked to make every aspect of our stay excellent. They went as far to negotiate a reduced rate for breakfast (including tax and tip) and included it in our hotel pricing. It was wonderful not having to worry about having students paying their bills each morning. We were simply able to eat and go experience the city. Groople helped make our NYC experience safe and memorable!

  • My first experience with Groople was in February 2015. Their agent, John Butler, provided excellent service to me and my group of 22. The hotels were exactly as I expected and the checkin process seamless. We arrived to find room cards labeled with names from my group. This made checkin lighting fast. Once at our destination, we decided to hire a step-on guide in LA. I contacted Mr. Butler and he provided us a fantastic guide. The day before our departure, snow caused our arriving airport to close. Mr. Butler exceeded my expectations and found us space for an additional night.

  • Working with Groople was fantastic for our fundraiser ride.  Our big goal was to raise money for Centraide/United Way via a long-distance multi-day bike ride … and to accomplish it safely.  Having Groople as a partner was very helpful for pulling this off.  From day 1, Groople – without us asking – offered to support the event by providing booking services for our hotels.  Booking rooms for 30 people in multiple locations (during a busy holiday weekend no less) is not easy.  Groople was a great partner for this.  John worked to ensure we had secured bookings at quality  hotels for each of our intended destinations.  John constantly kept in touch (we spoke a couple of times every week in the months leading up to the event … he was genuine when he described Groople’s support as constant to help customers!) as our planning proceeded, making adjustments to our needs along the way as our ride came together.  Having Groople as a partner for the hotels allowed me to focus on several other safety, logistic, and fundraising aspects of our event.  By the time the event started, all the participants had to do was ride their bikes – we were well organized.  The hotels were great, and very accommodating to having groups of cyclists thanks to Groople.  For me, as the event planner, it was fantastic to see subtle things (well stocked breakfast bars, access to a hose to wash bikes after a rainy day) that made our ride easier thanks to Groople taking the time to brief each of the hotel managers.  Our ride was a success, raising over well over $10k for Centraide/United Way.  Groople – thanks for supporting this community event!

  • Our stay at the Fashion District was PERFECT in New York , everyone was excited about, I really have to thank you and your staff for your efficiency.

  • Everything worked out perfectly for our group trip to New York.  The accommodations were great.  Groople did a Super Job!!  Thank You.

  • As for your services, I am very pleased. I spent 10 hours of my time finding and booking rooms for my trip to Canada. It takes time to find a quality hotel in the right location with the right price and enough rooms available for group at the last minute. So thanks for all you did. I would highly recommend Groople and plan to use your services again.

    Pastor Kevin
  • The hotel was WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for all your help with that.

  • Groople made our school trip to Chicago a success! We needed a group of rooms with very little notice during a very busy time, and they helped me choose dates that would work and gave us over six options to choose from. The hotel was a perfect fit and our 7th graders loved it.

  • Before coming to groople I had been with a large national company for 7 years, but found myself but found myself growing increasingly disappointed and disgruntled with their services. Each year seemed to bring more restrictions and less personalized attention. So, when I made the move to groople it was like a breath of fresh air. The groople team offers an attention to detail and a commitment to ensuring the customer is happy, both of which can’t be matched.


My Groople

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